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A Year In My Shetland Garden

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163 x 225mm
224 pages featuring 80+ recipes
Full colour photography by Susan Molloy
Published by 60 North Publishing 
Printed & bound in the EU
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Misa Hay grew up in the Czech Republic and dreamt of having her own garden. When she moved to Shetland and her garden wishes came true, she quickly realised that it wasn’t going to be as simple as she had thought. Would anything actually grow here?  

A Year in My Shetland Garden is a celebration of producing your own food in the challenging conditions of 60° north, where winters are long and the growing season is short. Misa’s collection of simple seasonal recipes for nourishing dishes is inspired by her beloved garden, local Shetland produce and wild plants.

The recipes are flavoured by her Czech heritage and her travels as well as by Scottish classics and Shetland specialities, all beautifully brought to life by Susan Molloy’s photographs.

Misa prompts us to slow down and enjoy what we have, strengthening our connection to nature through what we grow and cook, with an aim to waste less and be more resourceful. The book contains seasonal gardening tips and tasty recipes for snacks, soups, quick meals and special occasions, as well as mouth-watering loaves, delicious preserves and refreshing drinks – more than 80 ways to make the most of your garden throughout the year.